conference presentations, posters, and tutorials

Date Venue Title Links
2023-08-31 IJCAI 2023
Macao, SAR
Adversarial Attacks and Defenses in Explainable Artificial Intelligence: A Survey [slides] [paper]
2023-06-13 AIME 2023
Portoroz, Slovenia
Hospital Length of Stay Prediction Based on Multi-modal Data Towards Trustworthy Human-AI Collaboration in Radiomics [slides] [paper]
2022-11-05 ML in PL 2022
Warsaw, Poland
Interactive sequential analysis of a model improves the performance of human decision-making [slides] [video] [paper]
2022-09-21 ECML PKDD 2022
Grenoble, France
Fooling Partial Dependence via Data Poisoning [slides] [paper] [poster]
2022-08-08 JSM 2022
Washington DC, USA
dalex: Responsible Machine Learning with Interactive Explainability and Fairness in Python [award] [slides] [abstract] [paper]
2022-02-25 AAAI 2022
Manipulating SHAP via Adversarial Data Perturbations [poster] [paper] [demo]
2021-11-06 ML in PL 2021
Manipulating explainability and fairness in machine learning [slides]
2021-07-07 useR! 2021
Introduction to Responsible Machine Learning [materials] [video]
2021-07-05 useR! 2021
Open the Machine Learning Black-Box with modelStudio & Arena [slides] [video] [demo]
2021-02-06 AAAI 2021
Responsible Prediction Making of COVID-19 Mortality [poster] [paper] [demo]
2019-11-25 ML in PL 2019
Warsaw, Poland
modelStudio: Interactive Studio with Explanations for ML Predictive Models [poster]