Hubert Baniecki

MI².AIUniversity of WarsawWarsaw University of Technology

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

I am a 1st year PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Warsaw advised by Przemysław Biecek. Prior, I did my MSc (2022) and BSc (2021) in Data Science at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

My main research interest is explainable machine learning, with particular emphasis on adversarial attacks & explanation evaluation. I also care about human-model interaction with applications in biomedicine, and support the development of several open-source Python & R packages for building predictive models responsibly.

I received the 2022 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award.

recent news [archive]

2023 Jan A paper The Grammar of Interactive Explanatory Model Analysis is accepted for publication in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.
2022 Dec A paper SurvSHAP(t): Time-dependent explanations of machine learning survival models is accepted for publication in Knowledge-Based Systems.
2022 Oct A paper Multi-omics disease module detection with an explainable Greedy Decision Forest is published in Scientific Reports.
2022 Sep I got admissioned to PhD in Computer Science at the University of Warsaw & with external funding from the National Science Centre (Poland) PRELUDIUM BIS research grant ARES: Attack-Resistant Explanations toward Secure and trustworthy AI. Thanks to my supervisor Przemysław Biecek.
2022 Sep I graduated with an MSc in Data Science from Warsaw University of Technology by defending a thesis titled From manipulating to evaluating explanations of machine learning models.

selected publications [more]

    1. The Grammar of Interactive Explanatory Model Analysis
      H. Baniecki, D. Parzych, P. Biecek
      Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 2023
      Interactive sequential model analysis improves the performance of human decision making.
    2. Fooling Partial Dependence via Data Poisoning
      H. Baniecki, W. Kretowicz, P. Biecek
      In: European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD), 2022
      This work is the core of our BSc thesis defended at Warsaw University of Technology in 2021.
    3. dalex: Responsible Machine Learning with Interactive Explainability and Fairness in Python
      H. Baniecki, W. Kretowicz, P. Piatyszek, J. Wisniewski, P. Biecek
      Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2021
      This work received the John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award by ASA in 2022.