preprints in review, journal articles, and papers published in conference proceedings

  1. Performance is not enough: the story of Rashomon's quartet



  1. Towards Evaluating Explanations of Vision Transformers for Medical Imaging
    P. Komorowski, H. Baniecki, P. Biecek
    CVPR 2023 Workshops
  2. Hospital Length of Stay Prediction Based on Multi-modal Data towards Trustworthy Human-AI Collaboration in Radiomics
    H. Baniecki, B. Sobieski, P. Bombinski, P. Szatkowski, P. Biecek
    AIME 2023
  3. SurvSHAP(t): Time-dependent explanations of machine learning survival models
    Knowledge-Based Systems, 2023
  4. The grammar of interactive explanatory model analysis
    H. Baniecki, D. Parzych, P. Biecek
    Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 2023
    Interactive model analysis improves the performance of human decision making.
  5. Multi-omics disease module detection with an explainable Greedy Decision Forest
    Scientific Reports, 2022
  6. Fooling Partial Dependence via Data Poisoning
    H. Baniecki, W. Kretowicz, P. Biecek
    ECML PKDD 2022
    This work is the core of our BSc thesis defended at Warsaw University of Technology.
  7. Manipulating SHAP via Adversarial Data Perturbations (Student Abstract)
    H. Baniecki, P. Biecek
    AAAI 2022
  8. dalex: Responsible Machine Learning with Interactive Explainability and Fairness in Python
    H. Baniecki, W. Kretowicz, P. Piatyszek, J. Wisniewski, P. Biecek
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2021
    For this work, I received the 2022 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award.
  9. Responsible Prediction Making of COVID-19 Mortality (Student Abstract)
    H. Baniecki, P. Biecek
    AAAI 2021
  10. modelStudio: Interactive studio with explanations for ML predictive models
    H. Baniecki, P. Biecek
    Journal of Open Source Software, 2019